It’s hard to make sense of a world that feels so hard. How we seem to be the Divided States of American and why can’t we enjoy the red and blue of it all? Why are rights being taken away that were already given? Why does it feel that there is such amazing discord in the world especially in America? And what if we all practiced more kindness and grace toward each other, what would that look like? My good friend Jenifer said, “These are not dark times, these are AWAKENING times!” Please vote because that is your voice, and it matters.

I want this great experiment called America to live up to the ideals for each and every one of us. Not just the people who can raise the most money for political campaigns or power grabs. Fair and free. Equal for all. And a country where religious freedoms are honored. We are all created by one God who loves us ALL. Black lives matter, Stop killing us. Each of us is very important to someone. Speak the names of those taken trans and otherwise who dies by senseless violence against unarmed black people. It is NOT the time to be silent. I chose LOVE. I chose HOPE. And I chose to use my voice to VOTE! I hope you will too.

Until then I pray you stay safe, be well.