Hello there!

I try to find the calm in the storm of media that bombards us by simply turning it off. The noise of what he or she did, and the exposure to tales of ever more horrific crimes that make the headlines, makes me weary and sad. But I look into the kind faces of a passing strangers and there is a smile, a good wish and wave from my neighbor, and simple acts of kindness here and there, I know that we as a people, as Americans, are more than the collective negative divide which seeks to do just that. Divide us.

There is no all right or all wrong; no conservative vs. liberal, right vs left. I get overwhelmed hearing the sides putting us in boxes as though if we are on one side or the other, we are without principles that are for the greater good of all. Why it is viewed this way? It is all inflammatory and just how we are kept from seeking ONE truth. We all deserve the right the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Taxes, and tariffs, and affairs, and superpacs, and privatization, coverups and Russia, he said she said…I am so sick of the noise of it all.

Where does peace live…somewhere in the space between all the noise? In our homes and neighborhoods? Can we make America more peaceful again? I say, if you spend some time with a child, you can regain some of the innocence you came with. They just want to play, be feel loved and protected; to be seen and heard. If we can break it down to that, isn’t that what we all want? Yes. So let’s keep it simple. Let’s keep it about love. Let’s stop hurting each other. Let’s stop pointing fingers. It starts at the top with leadership and character, they DO count. Your words matter. Treat EVERYONE with kindness. Everybody is important to someone. Results aren’t everything when in the getting, you trampled on those less fortunate.

Blessed be,